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HoloLens Physics Education
for 300 students at 10 schools in 5 countries.
Teaching Material App development

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Physics Lesson with New Technology (Mixed Reality - MR, HoloLens). About 15 students can experience it in an hour.

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We have gotten 300+ questionnaires
The result is very good (NPS is over +10 on last 7 classrooms)



University of Rwanda

"It's important as it is elaborating abstract concepts in physics which can not easily grasped by students of high school"

Tumba College of Technology

"It helps up to visualize magnetic field lines so that this will helps us to develop different machine that use magnetism technology"

Ho Technical University

"I think today's demonstration of a magnetic field was quite good. Thus because I had a feel of a magnet and also more the magnet which it easy to identify the field of the magnet"

Aichi High School of Technology and Engineering

"I was moved by the fact that I can see a three-dimensional magnetic field as if in reality"

Mie High School

"It was my first experience that I saw the figure of the magnetic field in three dimensions. I thought, "It's like this!"

Maker Faire Tokyo 2017

"It was my very first experience. I think it’s better to show this to children."



Practices and Improvements of Lesson using Magnetic field Visualization by Mixed Reality (MR) technology (Article)

Results of Lessons Using Magnetic Field Visualization by MR (Japanese)

Practices of Magnetic Field Experience Sessons with Augumented Reality technology in five countries (Japanese, coming soon)





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